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CAMOC conference 2018

4-5 June 2018 –  CAMOC and the Future of the Museums of the Cities.

This year’s annual conference brought the International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities (CAMOC) to Frankfurt. We were glad to welcome colleagues from allover the world and to exchange ideas about chances and challenges for the future. Following the committee’s mission statement:

„CAMOC is about the city and its people — their history, their present and their future. It is a forum for those who work in museums about cities, but also for anyone involved and interested in urban life: historians, urban planners, architects, citizens, all of whom can exchange knowledge and ideas across national frontiers.“

…the conference was an inspiring possibility to share perspectives drawn from different countries as well as from different disciplines. A wast variety of topics was covered in 15-minutes-talks ranging from „Placemaking“ over „Well-Being“ to „Activist-Archives“ or „Curriculum for the Museum-Professional of the Future“. Here you can find the whole program with all sessions, topics and speakers.

Of course we also provided social events and tried to squeeze in as many coffee breaks, evening receptions, workshops and guided tours through our exhibitions as possible. Still – in the end you always feel the need for more open space, networking and exchange. And hopefully we will meet again in Frankfurt, Taichung, New York, Almaty, Sydney or wherever the next conference will take us.

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